Founded in 2012, Maioba Turismo is a travel agency and tour operator which organizes personalized trips in Brazil and around the world, in order to offer the best experiences, always taking into consideration social aspects and environmental sustainability in the places we visit.

Our commitment

More than organizing a trip, our mission is to offer an authentic experience so that apart from the beautiful scenery, passengers understand the style of life and live the reality of the place. We value the work of local guides, typical food, festivals and cultural traditions, and incentivate living with the communities in a profound manner, including being able to stay in people's homes, depending on the interest of the participant.

What we work with:

We work with three different segments:

  • Educational Trips - living in practice subjects studied in the classroom and knowing different realities and ways of life in Brazil. Some schools have carried out voluntary work in poor communities.
  • Community-Based Tourism - giving value to local culture, exchanging experiences and sustainable development.  The clients have a real immersion in the life of the communities, sleeping in the people´s houses in indigenous villages, coastal and riverside communities and quilombolas.
  • Leisure - we also carry out all types of vacation trips.


Maioba works with several destinations, such as:


Our itineraries are personalized and tailored to each group. Contact us to receive a proposal: